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  • Address Info:8531 Chimen Delmeade Suite 103, Mont Royal Quebec, Canada

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About Us

Our Company

About Us

Fisto Tech transcends all adversity a normal IT solutions company is facing. Equipped with a vision of becoming the best online solutions company today, we have our team of experts rigorously working and counting each efforts to bring the best solution in a cost-effective approach.

We understand your needs so we are continuously creating flexible keys to your problems and all your business requirements.

With over years of experience in digital design and marketing, we have come to develop a strong sense of responsibility to uphold all our clients' necessity when it comes to online solutions.

Mission and Vision

A fact worth a thousand words

Knowing what your clients need even before conveying them is a skill, and at Fistotech, we always keep our clients' needs our top priority. We value a healthy business relationship with our clients and potential customers. Thus, providing them more than the solution itself but commitment to be with them all the way to their success by continual support even on post-project stages.

Fisto Tech's philosphy and practice is based on hard work, work and life balance, dedication to excellence and oath to deliver first-class and quality service every digital design company aims to be.

We will help you get the most out of your business!

How We Work

How We Work

We simplify and personalize all solutions for you to make sure that we meet and cater your requirements. Remember that every successful business is a result of a clear planning, design and representation to the online community. Visibility is key, and Fistotech is your very own key towards your success.

    Technologies We Use

    Our Technologies

    Fisto Tech uses the latest technology, making a quick turn-around time for your project to ensure no impact and no downtime as we improve your company and your services. We have the best team of innovative, well-versed developers and tremendous rockstar customer service all ready to help you all the way to your success.

      Most Affordable

      Our Rates

      We create and deliver seamless solutions with the lowest cost possible to help you meet your goals. We guarantee a minimal to no interruption time with your services and operation as we apply the solution to our problem.

      • Contact us and let us know what you require.
      • We analyze the perfect solution for you and submit our proposal for the project.
      • You review the proposal and we discuss any amendments if necessary.
      • Seal the deal and secure payment.
      • Project kick-off and submission.
      • You check and judge if it suits your needs.
      • Post-project assistance. Let us know what we can further assist you.

      Here's Our Team

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      Jawad Amin
      Jawad Amin
      Senior Web Developer

      Senior PHP Web Developer with 4 years of experience in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, PHP, MySQL and AJAX

      Team Member 3
      Graphic Designer

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